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We pay homage to our ancestors at BK2PR Catering, LLC We offer authentic homemade Puerto Rican comfort food. Food is one of the greatest ways to bring people together, it’s the best time between family and friends. It gives us opportunities to bond and get to know each other better. Food is the perfect ice breaker and conversation starter. Who doesn’t love food? Food is love! Enjoying all the different dishes that remind you of back home with mom and abuela on a Sunday morning, salsa blaring and amazing aromas filling the air.

​Two very special matriarchs in my life knew the importance of passing down their recipes so we may carry on our traditions, and now it’s my turn to pass down our recipes and traditions. I take a lot of pride in all the dishes I prepare. It brings me such joy as I watch the people smile and enjoy their food. It will always be an honor and I hope that I make our ancestors proud every day.

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My love for food has brought me on an amazing journey, one that I hope never ends.

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